About Us

Twain Harte Cabin Watch is owned and operated by Rick & Nancy Hoag, both permanent residents, and homeowners living in the village of Twain Harte.

Rick is a local businessman-retired from Silicon Valley. Nancy is an office manager for a local Sonora surgeon and both are members of the Twain Harte Homeowners & Twain Harte Lake Association.

Serving Twain Harte, Mi-Wuk, Sugar Pine, Sierra Village, Cedar Ridge & Crystal Falls

Twain Harte Cabin Watch is primarily a home security watch service. It’s all about watching and caring for the needs of your vacation cabins and homes in Twain Harte. We do it the “Old Fashion Way”. Our standard “Cabin Watch” visits include walking the perimeter of your property while looking for a change in details such as:
Storm damage
Open Windows
Unlocked doors
Water Leaks
Pest Problems
Plant watering timers not functioning

We look out for anything that appears out of the ordinary! Contact Rick for any questions you have about their service hoag@mlode.com or call 209-586-13