Standard Security Services Include:

  • Visit property 1-3 times per week (optional per pricing agreement with the homeowner).
  • Walk around outside of your structures, checking for storm damage, vandalism, forced entry.
  • Check that previous occupant has closed doors and windows securely.
  • Blow driveway for that “lived in” look
  • Remove newspapers and flyers from the front door
  • Create ‘snow’ tracks in the driveway for that “we’re home” look
  • Check for dripping faucets and wet areas that may indicate frozen pipes, high water bills.
  • Check inside house weekly if homeowner so desires.
  • Reset timer lights after a power outage and replace bulbs when needed.
  • Notify property owner of visual out-of-order changes via phone, email, or web photos.
  • Watch for ants, wilting plants, full gutters, gas leaks, pest or rodent damage, etc

Additional Services Available: (billed by the hour)

  • Check that heating unit was turned off along with water and lights upon vacancy.
  • Keep decks and driveways clean for that “lived-in” look.
  • Rotate drapes and blinds being opened and closed.
  • Winterize when needed and turn water “off or on” at the street.
  • Turn-on heater & water when guests are arriving-disburse keys if needed.
  • Check that property is secure after guests depart.
  • Snow removal to door before guest arrival-includes berm at street & parking area.
  • Unlock cabin for deliveries and contractors: i.e. firewood, furniture, plumbers, etc.
  • Annual yard, roof and deck cleaning, and oiling, etc.

Special Services Supplied:

  • Contract house cleaning
  • painting
  • firewood
  • chimney cleaning
  • tile
  • carpet
  • roofing
  • gutter installation and cleaning
  • electrical
  • carpentry
  • plumbing
  • driveway seal coating
  • stone and block work 

Additional “special” visits per owner request billed on an hourly basis. Temporary security watch service is also available for permanent residents are traveling for shorter periods of time. Vacation cabin and home rentals available year round or weekly. Pricing is determined by the number of visits per week, on an annual or periodic basis. Additional services are invoiced by the hour Preferred invoicing is via email.

Please contact us for quotes regarding your specific security needs. Contact Rick for any questions you have about their service or call 209-586-1341