Frequently Asked Questions


What is the 'main' focus of THCW?

  • The Support of Absentee Ownership Property
  • If you own property here in Twain Harte but, live somewhere else then you need THCW.

How much do you charge?

  • Although I don’t post my pricing…My pricing is very reasonable lets talk!

What type of services do you provide?

  • Seasonal yard cleaning
  • Prepping your home to receive your guest’s i.e.-turn the lights and heat ON.
  • Meeting your contractor ‘onsite when you can’t be there
  • First Responder to your home alarms (THCW works closely with the Tuolumne County Sheriff should the need arise)

Does THCW provide 'Property Management' services?

  • Yes!  We have properties for rent, long term or weekly rentals through

Do I need a contract with THCW?

  • Yes. The contract gives me permission to go onto your property when you’re not there.

How do you invoice for services?

  • THCW invoices quarterly-via email. Payment is by personal check.

How far up the mountain do you go?

  • Crystal Falls to Mi-Wuk.
  • However, most of my clientele is in Twain Harte

What gave you the idea to start a company like THCW?

  • My wife and I were “flatlanders” from San Mateo.  When we purchased our home here 15 years ago we couldn’t tell you the difference from a “piece of cedar from a hubcap”. This business was started to help folks in that same situation.

What’s the best-kept secret about utilizing a security service like THCW?

  • Answer: you get 10% per year off your homeowner’s insurance!! Contact Rick for any questions you have about their service or call 209-586-1341